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VIP History

The very first VIP Suitcase was manufactured in the year 1971. Since then, VIP Industries has sold over 60 million pieces of luggage to people around the world and have subsequently become the foremost manufacturer of hard and soft luggage in Asia, with a goal to make travelling simple

VIP manufactures an array of products and provides numerous different services with an aim to make travel simple and convenient for millions of people around the world. There products and services are carefully designed to help people experience the delight of travelling .A team of professional, skilled designers constantly innovate and explore new technological aspects and materials to craft luggage which is at-par with the world's highest standards.The Product Portfolio of VIP Industries Ltd. today, consists of a diverse range of hard-sided and soft-sided luggage. The moulded furniture range includes strollys, suitcases, duffel-bags, backpacks, executive cases, overnight travel solutions and school bags. VIP Industries Ltd. is the parent of many renowned brands like VIP, Aristocrat, Alfa, Footloose, Skybags and Carlton which cover the entire spectrum of travel products.
VIP Industries Ltd. has more than 8000 retail outlets across India and with a network of over 1300 retailers across 27 countries. With a product range which includes Injection Moulded PP Cases and Furniture, Vacuum formed PC and ABS cases and Soft sided luggage in Nylon, Polyester and EVA material, VIP Industries Ltd has several innovations in product design and technology.

Many of these innovations are patented in India as well as internationally.
Non Reversible Multi Safe Lock - so that the suitcase opens only right side up.
Soft Grip handles - for carrying comfort.
Security cable and Security Chain - inbuilt in the luggage.
Dual action lock - for double security.
Dual action lock.
Heat sealing method for lining fusing - for fully fabric lined suitcase.
Heat sealing method for lining fusing (USA, UK)
Bumpers on luggage - to protect suitcase corners from drops and conveyor belt impact.
Gravity Side Core - patented process for simplified manufacturing.
Central Locking System - to facilitate locking of all the three locks on the luggage, with single stroke key operation.
Seculink - an inbuilt security cable locking mechanism. The cable normally remains in retracted condition inside the luggage, and can be taken out with just a press of button, so that the luggage can be tied and locked to any firm object for security
Convipack - a flexible panel fixed in the top half to pack wet or used clothes, completely separate from contents in the bottom half of the suitcase.

  • Nagpur plant1989 - Alfa brand launch

  • BP Ergo launch

  • Elanza launch


  • Delsey joint venture

  • Bangladesh joint venture

  • Carlton Brand acquisition

  • MEA operations

  • Hongkong office

  • Retail focus

  • Brand identity revamp

  • Haridwar Plant

  • Merger of Aristocrat Luggage Limited with VIPIL

  • Launch of Coupe Twin Section Bag for Separating Personal & Personal Space

  • Launch of water and stain resistant bags with Teflon

  • VIP emerged amongst Top 100 most trusted brands in a survey by Brand Equity

  • Skybags launch

  • Manufacture of Polycarbonate cases

  • Manufacture of printed PC cases

  • Caprese Launch

  • Manufacture of hybrid PC cases

  • Bangladesh Plant

  • New Brand Identity

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