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Quality Promise

VIP bags are crafted for superior performance and are put through the most stringent quality tests. Click to see how we have become the epitome of Quality and Trust for bags.

Tumble Test

Wheel Test

The trolley of each VIP bag is spun 12,500 times, so travel is always effortless for you.

Lock Test

Each VIP bag is locked and unlocked 15000 times, so you’re never stuck.

Drop Test

Each VIP bag is dropped 20 times from a height, so it can withstand any falls you might have.

Handle Test

The handle of each VIP bag is jerked 3500 times, so you never have to handle with care.

Zipper Test

The zipper of each VIP bag is zipped and unzipped 15,000 times, so you'll never be stuck.

Open & Closing Test

Each VIP bag has been opened and closed 3000 times, so the going is always smooth for you.

Jolt Test

Each VIP bag is jolted more than 5000 times, so you’re never in for a shock.

Pendulum Test

Each VIP bag is swayed a 1000 times, so you'll never lose your rhythm.