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Innovation Timeline

Look at how our designs have kept up with time.

  • 1983

    A unique mechanism of locking and unlocking that involved turning the cover in clock wise or anti-clockwise direction. This lock was normally used for the VIP products with sleek frame.

  • 1983

    NR Mechanism

    One of the early and very popular innovations from VIP. This technology, popularly, came to be known as ‘Ulta Nahin Khulta’ or ‘Right side up.’
    This innovation provides bags with a unique feature which does not let it open in ‘upside down condition’. This helps to avoid possible messy situations.

  • 1986

    Padded Handle

    Another improvement by VIP, this provided the handle with a soft grip. This made carrying the luggage, in hand, comparatively easier.

  • 1987

    MSL Auto-lock with security chain window

    This is a very popular innovation in the ‘Centre Key’ lock having a rectangular window where the security chain hook can be firmly attached to secure the framed luggage.

  • 1989

    Dual Action Lock

    An advancement in the locking mechanism. This technology featured an enhanced locking and unlocking mechanism.
    These locks open only when front finger and the thumb are used in combination.

  • 1990


    Mainly for manufacturing of injection moulds with moving sliders. This innovation eliminates the usage of hydraulic cylinders for the movement of sliders. It also makes mould simpler to manufacture.

  • 1993

    Heat Sealing Method

    <div>This method pioneered the completely moulded luggage segment. These pieces of luggage have no metal frame and are lined with fabric on the inside.</div><div> The lining is pasted and the edges are &#8216;Heat Sealed&#8217; in the added lip.</div>

  • 1993

    Bumper for Luggage

    This advancement provided the luggage pieces with a completely unique &#8216;Dual Material Dimpled Bumper&#8217;. Apart from added visual strength, this enhanced the durability of the luggage and increased its capacity to take shocks in case of rough usage.

  • 1996

    Corner Lock (CEO Briefcase lock)

    Primarily, luggage locks are usually on front side and are operable only from the front. This is unique locking mechanism allows the locks to be locked from the front side but by pressing buttons provided on the sides, for ease of operation.

  • 1999

    Trigger type corner lock for a luggage case

    The side locks in a framed suitcase or a briefcase are normally straight & are mounted on front flat area of the frame. The Trigger type curved lock mechanism is meant for mounting it on the front corners of framed luggage. This is a non-conventional lock system.

  • 1999

    Java Side lock

    Used in a framed product called JAVA. This lock mechanism was ahead of its time in the market and was unique.

  • 1999

    A zippered lock for a soft luggage case

    This a innovative zippered lock having a unique locking mechanism for use in a soft luggage case.

  • 1999

    Auto latching system (Alfa - Product - Mantra)

    This mechanism eliminates the gap caused at the centre area between top lid & bottom case due lifting of a stuffed loaded moulded luggage.

  • 2000

    Spring loaded Divider hook

    This divider hook mechanism eliminates the usage of elastic ribbon which is attached with the divider hooks in divider flaps of the suitcase.

  • 2000


    Convipack was another innovation which garnered a widespread popularity. It featured soft luggage inside hard luggage and provided private packaging space for storing used clothes.

  • 2000

    Cable Lock

    The usage of external security chains to tie up the luggage on a train journey is a common sight. This is exactly what inspired VIP to come up with the very first ‘Integral Retractable Steel Cable Wire Mechanism’. The cable extends after being pulled out by pressing a button and can be retracted back by pressing the same button.

  • 2001

    Center Locking Mechanism

    Inspired from automobiles, VIP promptly adapted this improvement allowing the all the multiple latches given on the luggage to be locked from a single locking movement in the centre. This feature reduced a lot of hassle for customers.

  • 2002

    Rolling Scratch Guard

    A Roller Guard provided on the bottom of the luggage helps avoid scratch marks and permits ease of movement of luggage on the floor in horizontal condition (especially when the luggage is to be dragged from beneath of the railway berth).

  • 2002

    Handle Locking Mechanism

    VIP introduced handles which could be locked to avoid theft of luggage. The handle can be locked and hence becomes difficult to steal as it restricts movement of the luggage.

  • 2002

    Luggage with Paper frame

    For the first time ever a luggage was made with Centre band of Thick paper.

  • 2002

    Seculink M

    This is the most popular feature in a framed luggage with Manual security chain in built in the luggage. No need to use a separate security chain for securing the luggage. This mechanism has twisted wire rope, which cannot be broken or cut with scissors or hand pliers.

  • 2003

    Pulling Handle Security Mechanism

    A Pulling handle of luggage case which has an additional utility for firmly securing the luggage with some fixed rigid member.

  • 2003

    Seculink Easy

    This feature of security chain in a framed luggage is quite similar to manual security chain (Seculink M) in built in the luggage . This mechanism has link chain in place of twisted wire rope. No need to use a separate security chain for securing the luggage.

  • 2003

    Key plus key case

    This Unique design presented a key with an inbuilt key case. The key is completely embedded inside the key case and it can be taken out easily for use.

  • 2003

    FM Radio in luggage

    The rise of FM radio was a boon for daily commuters. When FM Radio started its tunes in Metro, VIP took heed of the new demand, and soon, FM was introduced into the briefcase.

  • 2004

    Snap fit section for luggage

    The amazing profile of aluminium frame & the shell which does not require rivets for joining the shell with frame. This innovation eliminates the use of rivets for fastening.

  • 2004

    Light weight stiffener for luggage

    This arrangement enables to reduce the weight of luggage and provides reinforcement .Mainly for use in Soft luggage.

  • 2004

    Security system for luggage (centre locking mechanism) Aristocrat

    The multiple latches given on the luggage gets locked from a single locking movement in the centre by means of key lock .There is no hassle to lock them separately. This mechanism is different from the centre locking mechanism as mentioned above. But it serves the same purpose.

  • 2005

    Design Studio setup at VIP Head Office.

  • 2005

    Lightest luggage in PP - VIP's Zero G.

  • 2009

    Multi layer Texture in PP upright - Multi-drive.

  • 2012

    Lightest Polycarbonate Upright - Skybag's Velocity.

  • 2013

    Frame PP upright - VIP's Gladiator.

  • 2019

    New Brand Identity

    VIP Industies Bags