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Innovation Timeline

Look at how our designs have kept us with time.


Non Reversible Multi Safe Lock Mechanism

One of the first and a very popular innovation from VIP; this technology, popularly, came to be known as ‘Ulta Nahin Khulta’ or ‘Right side up.’ This innovation provides bags with a unique feature which does not let it open in ‘upside down condition’. This helps to avoid possible messy situations.


Padded Handle

Another improvement by VIP, ‘padded handle’ provided the handle with a soft grip. This made carrying the luggage, in hand, comparatively easier.


Bumper for Luggage

This advancement provided the luggage with a completely unique ‘Dual Material Dimpled Bumper’. Apart from the added visual appeal, this feature enhanced the durability of the luggage and increased its capacity to take shocks in case of rough usage.



Convipack was another innovation which garnered a widespread popularity. This feature provided for a separate packaging space for storing used clothes.


Center Locking Mechanism

Inspired from automobiles, VIP promptly adapted this improvement allowing all multiple latches given on the luggage to be locked from a single locking movement in the centre. This feature reduced a lot of hassle for customers.


Seculink M

This is the most popular feature in a framed luggage with Manual security chain in-built in the luggage. No need to use a separate security chain for securing the luggage. This mechanism has twisted wire rope, which cannot be broken or cut with scissors or hand pliers.

Rolling Scratch Guard

A Roller Guard provided at the bottom of the luggage helps prevent scratch marks and permits ease of movement of luggage on the floor in horizontal condition (especially when the luggage is to be dragged from beneath the berth on a train).

Handle Locking Mechanism

VIP introduced handle locking system to prevent theft of luggage. This locking mechanism secures the handle in place; the handle does not lift up thus making it difficult to pick up the luggage.


Pulling Handle Security Mechanism

A retractable pulling handle also doubles as a restraint device to secure the luggage in place. The rotating arm of the handle engages with the ratchet such that it acts as a lock.

FM Radio in luggage

FM radio was a boon for daily commuters. When FM Radio started its tunes in Metro, VIP took heed of the new demand, and soon, FM was introduced into the briefcase.


VIP's Zero G - Lightest luggage in PP

Zero-G suitcase is the world’s lightest suitcase with durable polypropylene shells with the best volume-to-weight ratio in its class.


Coupe Twin section Bag for separating personal & office related belongings

A dual compartment business bag having separate personal & professional sections and is Laptop compatible.


Multidrive - Multi layer Texture in PP upright

The Multidrive range of luggage is a leap forward in hard luggage design. It has various path breaking features under its kitty:

  • Original 4 wheel design for compact wheel housing. Arguably the most stable & Smooth wheeling system and one of the safest set of wheels.
  • Cadmium-free - Every polymer and pigment used in making this bag have been reformulated to remove Cadmium content.
  • The triple layer texture provides the shell with higher scratch resistance than any other PP case in the market.
  • TSA lock with special alert – The special alert button in the TSA lock of Multidrive turns to red from green if a TSA authority has opened the lock for checking the bag.

Water/ Stain resistant bags with Teflon

VIP Nuovo – a bag made with Dupont “Teflon” fabric protector that is water and stain resistant.


Flexicore Tech Zippered Upright case

Flexicore TechTM is a PP based material with patented compounding of different Polymers, invented in 2010 by VIP Industries. We received patent grant in India & China and also own the Trademarks in India, Europe, UK & Hong Kong. VIP first commercially used this material for the product “Superlite”. Shells made from this material are ‘No break’ – does not break in the normal atmospheric temperature (minus 200C to 500C) under very abusive test conditions. High impact strength, elasticity & surface stability of shell makes this as a highly durable luggage case. Flexicore TechTM has a better flow characteristic than normal PP – better productivity, lesser weight.

HESL (Hard Encased Soft Luggage) Zippered Upright case

Neeta Lulla’s contemporary design collection featured the traditional embroidered fabric encased in a transparent hard shell developed in a unique style featuring ancient traditions of Indian craftsmanship. The VIP Diva collection designed is a harmonious blend of the traditional motifs and colors.

Dual Zipper lock system

Dual zipper lock system enables the locking of both lids of a luggage case by the pullers as compared to the locking of 1 lid in a traditional way.


Skybag's Velocity - Lightest Polycarbonate Upright

Skybags Velocity is the lightest luggage in its category. The corrugated design of the shell enables the high structural strength of the luggage with lower wall thickness thereby make the luggage very light.


VIP's Gladiator - Frame PP upright

The first framed PP upright from VIP, featured vibrant colors and dual texture shell with a Convi-pack in framed luggage. VIP was a pioneer in this category of luggage.


Carlton Edge series ‘Lifetime Warranty’

The all-new Carlton Edge series introduced a game-changing ‘Lifetime Warranty’ which covers Airline & Accidental damage; No Questions Asked’.

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