VIP Industries offers products under the categories of luggage, backpacks and homebags through five clearly defined brands, each with its own unique identity. Established in 1968, VIP Industries Limited is amongst World’s leading manufacturers and retailers of luggage, backpacks and handbags and an established leader in the organised luggage market in India. In addition to our strong presence in India, We have a growing global footprint with our products supplied in over 45 countries.

We have a range of leading brands, positioned across the entire price range, catering to value, mid-premium and premium price points.

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Brand VIP is the company’s flagship brand and continues to enjoy the highest saliency in the entire luggage category. The Brand has been offering innovative solutions since its inception and addresses the ever- evolving needs of the travellers across India.

Some of the recent innovations such as “workation collection" which offered laptop compatibility in hard luggage for the first time in India and the "Tech series” with a built-in proximity indicator are examples of VIP's thrust in delivering innovative solutions to its customers to make their journeys truly happy.

Nearly five million VIP pieces are produced in a year across eight factories, making VIP Bags the second-largest luggage brand in the world.

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The Carlton brand addresses the luggage needs of young visionaries and leaders who are relentless in their pursuit of the next big idea and the next revolution.

Positioned as the luggage of choice for the daring new business generation, Carlton celebrates their remarkable qualities of instinct, passion and innovation. The brand’s campaign ‘The New Face of Business’ is also in sync with the ambition of its target audience.

The campaign illustrates how the new generation has moved beyond old business clichés and fixed set of rules.

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Skybags is a youth brand with a mission to make its customers move in style everywhere, every time. 

Skybags is a youth brand with a mission to make its customers move in style everywhere, every time. The brand offers distinctive designs, innovative features, and aesthetics led by the ever-evolving world of GenZ. The brand’s attributes of stylish and functional, discerning but playful, and conscious yet fun resonate with the preferences of young customers.

Skybags is the first Indian brand to launch waterproof backpacks and manufacture printed polycarbonate luggage. Skybags brand offers trolleys, rucksacks, backpacks, duffel bags, laptop bags and daily essentials made from hallmark quality material and components for great customer experience.

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Aristocrat caters to the demands of the frequent traveller of the Indian heartland.

Underpinned by the firm belief that superior quality does not have to come at exorbitant prices, the brand seeks to provide durable products at a pocket-friendly cost.

From being the trademark suitcase and briefcase of the yesteryears to being a contemporary soft luggage brand, Aristocrat has successfully evolved over the past two decades according to changing demands and times. Today, the brand offers an array of luggage options to cater to every travel need, from soft uprights, duffle bags and vanity cases to hard suitcases, briefcases and uprights.

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Caprese offers an avant-garde range of handbags and accessories for urban women. 

With a confident aesthetic sense, sleek cuts and an indulgent voice to suit any occasion, the Caprese brand is crafted as a style testament to every woman who wishes to announce her arrival in life.

The brand is inspired by the Isle of Capri, a pristine little island off the Italian shores. Italy has, for centuries, been synonymous with the future of women’s fashion; Caprese aims to bring this fashion and free-spirited culture to Indian women.

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Alfa is popularly known as the value-for-money brand from the house of VIP Industries Ltd. The brand came into existence in the year 1987 and quickly became one of the biggest brands in the luggage industry of India. 

With hard luggage products in its kitty, Alfa caters to the various demands of the value conscious customers. The cost-effective-quality of Alfa has changed the outlook of consumers who used to opt for cheaper options by compromising quality. Alfa has become the brand option which promises dependable eminence at an affordable price. Alfa is made for the consumers.

Apart from hard luggage, which was its ante for the first 20 years, Alfa has grown and adapted itself to match the rising demand of soft luggage in the trade.

With over 25 lakh units selling each year, Alfa has developed rapidly and is still growing at steady rate of 25%.

Today, Alfa has become the go-to brand for all kinds of travel needs. With an wide variety of products like Soft Uprights, Duffle Bags, Duffle Trolleys, Vanity Cases, Hard Suitcases and Briefcases, Alfa has a vast network of over 13,000 retail outlets all over India.   

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